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talent concept

Adhering to the talent work tenet of "respecting people's value and developing people's potential", we have built Funeng Seiko Group into an organization embracing all rivers, pursuing "talents are the big capital of an enterprise", and have been building a stage for all kinds of professionals to display their talents. Build a team of talents who win market leadership, create organizational advantages, lead value orientation, have a sense of mission and responsibility, and support the realization of strategic goals, it is the continuous pursuit of talents.


Enterprise talent concept:

Create a broad platform to create a harmonious win-win

talent development system

Funeng Seiko Group promotes employees in key positions to carry out multi-position, cross-functional and cross-industry experience, continuously optimizes the matching degree between people and positions, people and teams, and people and organizations, improves the structure and level of the talent team, and maintains the passion and vitality of the organization.

Funeng Seiko Group strives to build a long-term "learning organization", forms a systematic talent training mechanism, and establishes a multi-mode and hierarchical training system. According to the needs of enterprise management strategy, according to the career development needs of different employees, various learning modes such as on-site discussion, practical exercise and internal rotation are adopted, and a horizontal and vertical cross training system is formed.


talent development culture

Funeng Seiko Group is an enterprise that respects talents and encourages innovation. It actively absorbs, cultivates, motivates and develops future leaders who agree with the group's philosophy and values, and creates a harmonious working environment for those high-quality talents who look forward to success. Provide competitive salary and benefits, good learning and development opportunities, and space to fully display their talents.

We pay attention to the continuous growth of each employee in the organization, and create a stage for each person to share knowledge, stimulate creativity and show style.

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