Project Presentation

Committed to building scientific research and achievement transformation, research and development of 48 industry utility patents

Cementitious penetrating crystalline waterproofing material

It has the characteristics of excellent impermeability, waterproof performance, self-healing performance, non-toxic and harmless safety, hindering steel corrosion, simple construction, high economic benefits, etc., and is widely used in tunnels, dams, reservoirs, underground railways, bridges, underground continuous walls, basements and other waterproof projects.

Concrete curing agent

It is a modified inorganic material, specific excellent penetration ability, and cement in the silicate reaction to form a dense crystal, the product is water-based, non-toxic non-flammable, easy to use, can prevent the concrete or mortar in the water loss, so that the concrete internal hydration reaction more fully.

Environment-friendly ultra-light super-hydrophobic coating material

The product is a modified nanoscale material, the coating can prevent rain on the surface and internal icing stress damage to the concrete structure, to avoid concrete structure corrosion, cracking, pulverization, so that the concrete to maintain long-term stability. It is mainly used in tunnel entrance and exit, drainage pipe, bridge, lining surface, pavement, door opening exterior wall, etc.

Wind turbine blade elastic damping anti-erosion coating

The product is a new type of composite material based on low permeability polyurethane resin. Through the elastic damping modification of polyurethane, the erosion-resistant protective coating system of wind turbine blades is constructed to realize the long-term protection of wind turbine blades under high line speed and harsh environment. This product is a new material developed by our group and the national key university. It has broken through 2 key technologies, applied for 2 invention patents, and published 3 scientific papers, filling the gap in the research field of wind turbine blade protection in my country.

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