Go, listen to a "symphony" of steel and concrete "!

Release time:2023-07-06

A few days ago, the Zemi service area undertaken by Guizhou Road and Bridge Group, Guizhou's second largest transportation and tourism integration high-speed service area under construction at Pingtang Guiping Expressway, the "Hometown of Heavenly Eye", is under intense construction, and the landmark viewing structure of the service area The construction of the Lame River Bridge is also progressing steadily.

As the construction of the highway bridge deck is the widest asymmetric steel pipe concrete arch bridge, the construction of the Lame River Bridge how to improve on the construction details, in order to build a high-quality project escort? Reporters recently came to the construction site to find out.

Entering the construction site of T18 standard rami river bridge on Guiyang-Pingtang expressway, the interlaced and complicated arch seat reinforcement is being installed. The workers handed up the steel bars one by one according to the drawings, and the welding work was carried out in an orderly manner. These workers are all old masters who have been engaged in steel bar installation and welding for more than ten years. They are skilled and quick in their work.

Between the steel bars, the spacing is equal and standardized, reflecting the meticulousness of the builders everywhere.

The reporter learned that in order to ensure the installation spacing and welding quality, the project department specially made steel bar limits, and at the same time carried out trial welding on a number of structures to ensure that the weld was qualified before being put into use. "As long as the upper limit plate is relied on, the steel bar spacing is much better than the previous engineering precision control." The worker said the master.

Reinforcement welding limit plate

In the Lam assembly yard, it is also a construction scene in full swing: the installation of marking grooves, hardening of the site, adjustment of formwork, cleaning up the sanitation of the yard... Under the scorching sun, the workers are performing their duties and operating in an orderly manner.

A worker went back and forth to clear the surface of the track foundation, trying to meet the functional requirements while taking into account the beauty.

Workers smooth the track foundation.

On the construction site of the cable hoisting main tower, intense and busy construction work is in progress. The steel plate of the main tower beam is cut, the steel plate is polished and painted, and the semi-finished products are assembled and welded. The machine is booming and the fire is splashing everywhere.

In the processing process, the welding of the inner stiffening rib of the coil is both a key and a difficult point, especially the reinforced parts of the bearing beam and the column steel pipe, which must be welded continuously at one time, which is a test of the welding technology, patience and care of the construction personnel. One welding may last for one or two hours.

Welding of inner stiffener of main tower coil

Anchor beam welding

In the narrow space, sweat ran down the cheeks and soaked the clothes of the construction workers, but it did not affect his concentration at all. "For the welding of these important components, we must be cautious and cautious."

"Ingenuity is not the external form of being tall, but the original intention and responsibility that runs through the construction process. It is a serious dedication to every little thing and a meticulous task." The person in charge of Guiping 18 Bid Project Department of Guizhou Road and Bridge Group said that only by making good use of each steel bar, pouring concrete on each side and connecting each process can ingenuity and quality engineering be created.

The person in charge said that adhering to the concept of "you have ingenuity and become flat", Guiping 18 will take care of every checkpoint, practice quality with practical actions, and lay a good foundation for building quality projects.

Yue Duan, Tianyan News Reporter of Guizhou Daily

Correspondent Wang Yongan

Edited by Wei Yi

Second instance Liu Sibo

Third Trial Zhou Wenjun

Key words: Go, listen to a "symphony" of steel and concrete "!


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